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Connecting Markets

Thoroughly Connected

Our software offers end-to-end, front-to-back solutions that facilitate the interaction to electronic trading systems, triparty collateral agents and CCPs in one single platform.

Profound Consulting

Based on a wealth of experience in shaping the business models for the front runners of our industry, Comyno offers in-depth knowledge in all aspects of Financial and Regulatory requirements.

World of Comyno

Immerse into the beauty of connectivity, adhere to our bulletproof consulting services, find out why we are proud of our company.

Best positioned

Comyno Consulting

We don't cover our work with fancy words; we ramp up your business. Our consulting services are tailor-made to fit the needs of private and public financial institutions, as well as Clearing Houses and TriParty Agents in all aspects of the securities finance area and regulatory requirements.

Built to last

Comyno Software

Our software is a game changer. C-ONE delivers full STP of your Securities Finance business activities and offers a front-to-back office solution connecting you to all third party service providers such as electronic trading platforms, triparty collateral agents and CCPs.

Smartly coded

IT Services

We love to connect you. Our understanding of most third party software packages enables us to build fast interfaces into your infrastructure and fill the functional gaps. Fast time to market and smooth user experience are prime.

Mission Statement

Comyno is a FinTech consultancy boutique with a clear focus on securities finance and regulatory technologies.
Working with private and public financial institutions, Clearing Houses and TriParty agents we offer industry leading software and consultancy services. Our expertise combines strategy and technology to provide tailored solutions and deliver enhanced functionality and integration across all parts of the process chains.

Our Principles


Earning trust is our highest reward. Hence, we forge strong and lasting relationships with our customers whom we honour with utmost respect as genuine partners. Staying true to our commitment of trust, we put loyalty to our customers always first.


Spanning the whole service life cycle - from analysis, throughout implementation to continuous maintenance - we favour clear set fee structures and sustainable price models. This is why our signature product C-ONE is available in efficient autonomous modules.


Our industry leading software engineers and academically high ranked consultants are encouraged to act as role models in their profession. No wonder that our commitment to lifelong learning is reflected by substantial investments in training and developing our most precious resource.


Looking for a signature software that will change the way you experience securities finance?

Based on our sophisticated software framework C-ONE, Comyno offers a range of flexible, easy to integrate solutions for the pre- and post-trade automation of your securities finance activities.

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